Saturday, May 17, 2008

Current Activities


This has been a busy last few days, with a trip to Los Angeles for a press conference, community outreach at the Taiwanese American Cultural Festival at Union Square, and the Asian Heritage Street Celebration in Japantown, both in San Francisco. All this while most members of our committee are studying for final exams!

More details are coming soon. Please continue to check back, and write to savekoreanstudies @ with any questions or if you can help our efforts.


Jeff said...

here are some links from Chinese media:
(this link is the same article as the one above, just a different url:

also, here's the link from nichibei times:,2&
by the way, we're on their front page too (for now)!!

Dave Malinowski said...

Hey jeff, thanks, i'll put them in a posting. Keep 'em coming! I know it looks like they got cut off but they're there. --dave