Thursday, September 3, 2009

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(Analysis by UC-AFT Pres. Bob Samuels), (Letter to Students from TDPS Prof.
Catherine Cole)

News and views aggregators on the UC budget crisis:,

An economic analysis of the UC buget by Physics Professor Emeritus
Charlie Schwartz, aka "The Man Who Devoted His Retirement To Parsing
What Little Of The UC Budget The Regents Made Public"
Also see his series, "Financing The University" at

Marc Bousquet's blog about the casualization of higher ed., (Faculty on food stamps!
Grad students turn to sex work to pay the bills! Freeway flyers! Ph.D.
Casino! The collpasing tenure system!)

Also two must-reads from Bousquet:, The Waste Product of Graduate
Education: Toward a Dictatorship of the Flexible
The Rhetoric of "Job Market" and the Reality of the Academic Labor

George Lakoff on Privatization and the UC Budget Crisis:

SAVE (Save The University)--Faculty Group:

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