Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Meeting Friday 9am--all welcome

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to give you all a heads-up on our next report-back and planning meeting. we'll be meeting quite early (9 a.m.) on friday, but cafe med serves a mean breakfast. the details of our meeting are as follows:

time: 9 a.m.
date: friday, 6/6
place: cafe med (on telegraph, across the street from moe's, upstairs as usual)

our meetings are open, and we welcome anyone interested in attending. now that we're between sessions (i.e., the end of spring semester and the onset of the various summer sessions), our numbers have drastically dwindled, and we definitely could benefit from your creative energy and contributions to our activities. as we move into summer, we're not only collectively brainstorming and developing creative outreach strategies, but also, actively pounding the pavement in neighborhoods within the bay area. please join us.

see you this friday!


Anonymous said...

hello, i was just curious as to what other departments are being affected by these budget cuts? other than EALC.

Committee to Save East Asian Languages & Korean Studies said...

Thanks for your comment, and apologies for the time lag. In fact ALL departments are being affected by the budget cuts. Originally 7% cuts were predicted for all units on campus (see the April interview with Nathan Brostrom,

But as you can see even in this very recent article,,
languages are discussed separately - the languages, and other units that rely heavily on the Temporary Academic Staffing budget to teach content courses, are really being hit hard because even as budget figures are being revised, lecturers have already been told that they are likely not, or definitely not going to be rehired in the fall.